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_bAncient Civilization And Modern Archaeological Techniques--Ancient Civilization--Building and Construction, Materials and Crafts Trade, Warfare, Transportation
100 _aWILSON, Andrew
245 0 _aTrade, Commerce, and the State in the Roman World
250 _a1st
260 _bOxford University Press
_aNew York
440 _aOxford Studies on the Roman Economy
505 _a1: Introduction: Trade, Commerce, and the State, Andrew Wilson and Alan BowmanI. Institutions and the State2: The State and the Economy: Fiscality and Taxation, Alan Bowman3: Law, Commerce, and Finance in the Roman Empire, Boudewijn Sirks4: Market Regulation and Transaction Costs in the Roman Empire, Elio Lo Cascio5: Financial Institutions and Structures in the Last Century of the Roman Republic, Philip Kay6: Nile River Transport under the Romans, Colin AdamsII. Trade within the Empire7: The Indispensable Commodity: Notes on the Economy of Wood in the Roman Mediterranean, W. V. Harris8: Stone-Use and the Economy: Demand, Distribution, and the State, Ben Russell9: An Overview of the Circulation of Glass in Antiquity, Danièle Foy10: Procurators' Business? Gallo-Roman Sigillata in Britain in the Second and Third Centuries AD, Michael Fulford11: The Distribution of African Pottery under the Roman Empire: Evidence vs Interpretation, Michel Bonifay12: The Supply Networks of the Roman East and West: Interaction, Fragmentation, and the Origins of the Byzantine Economy, Paul Reynolds13: Prices and Costs in the Textile Industry in the Light of the Lead Tags from Siscia, Ivan Radman-Livaja14: Exports and Imports in Mauretania Tingitana: The Evidence from Thamusida, Emanuele PapiIII. Trade beyond the Frontiers15: The Silk Road between Syria and China, David F. Graf16: Egypt and Eastern Commerce during the Second Century AD and Later, Roberta Tomber17: Money and Flows of Coinage in the Red Sea Trade, Dario Nappo18: The Port of Qana', a Junction between the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea: The Underwater Evidence, Barbara Davidde19: Trade across Rome's Southern Frontier: The Sahara and the Garamantes, Andrew Wilson
541 _aOxbow
650 _aReligion and state--Rome--History
650 _aRome--Commerce
650 _aState governments--Holy Roman Empire
650 _aTrade associations--Rome--History
650 _aTrade routes--Rome--History
700 _aBOWMAN, Alan
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