Of odysseys and oddities : scales and modes of interaction between prehistoric Aegean societies and their neighbours /

Of odysseys and oddities : scales and modes of interaction between prehistoric Aegean societies and their neighbours / edited by Barry P.C. Molloy. - vi, 460 pages ; 24 cm. - Sheffield studies in Aegean archaeology .

Papers from the 2013 Sheffield Aegean Round Table.

Includes bibliographical references.

Introduction: Thinking of scales and modes of interaction in prehistory / B.P.C. Molloy -- An elite-infested sea : interaction and change in Mediterranean paradigms / B. Legarra Herrero -- Scales and modes of interaction in and beyond the earlier Neolithic of Greece : building barriers and making connections / P. Halstead -- Impressed pottery as a proxy for connectivity in the Neolithic Aegean and eastern Mediterranean / Ç. Çilingiroglu -- A question of scale? : connecting communities through obsidian exchange in the Neolithic Aegean, anatolia and Balkans / Marina Milic -- Salting the roads : connectivity in the Neolithic Balkans / Dushka Urem-Kotsou -- Aspects of connectivity on the centre of the Anatolian Aegean coast in 7th millennium BC / B. Horejs -- Kanligeçit - Selimpasa : Mikhalich and the question of Anatolian colonies in early Bronze Age southeast Europe / Volker Heyd (Bristol), Sengül Aydingün (Kocaeli) and Emre Güldogan (Istanbul) -- The built environment and cultural connectivity in the Aegean early Bronze Age / Ourania Kouka -- Emerging economic complexity in the Aegean and western Anatolia during earlier third millennium BC / Lorenc Rahmstorf -- Trade and weighing systems in the southern Aegean from the early Bronze Age to the early Iron Age : how changing circuits influenced changing "glocal" measures / Maria Emanuela Alberti -- "Brave new worlds" : islands, place-making and connectivity in the Bronze Age Mediterranean / Helen Dawson (Topoi Excellence Cluster, Freie Universität, Berlin) -- Nought may endure but mutability : eclectic encounters and material change in the 13th to 11th centuries BC Aegean / B.P.C. Molloy -- Distributed elements of practice and cultural identities in the "Mycenaean" period / Michael J. Boyd -- Anatolian-Aegean interactions in the early Iron Age : migration, mobility, and the movement of people / Naoíse Mac Sweeney -- Komai, colonies and cities in Epirus and southern Albania : the failure of the polis and the rise of urbanism on the fringes of the Greek world / John K. Papadopoulos.

"Of Odysseys and Oddities is about scales and modes of interaction in prehistory, specifically between societies on both sides of the Aegean and with their nearest neighbours overland to the north and east. The 17 contributions reflect on tensions at the core of how we consider interaction in archaeology, particularly the motivations and mechanisms leading to social and material encounters or displacements. Linked to this are the ways we conceptualise spatial and social entities in past societies (scales) and how we learn about who was actively engaged in interaction and how and why they were (modes). The papers provide a broad chronological, spatial and material range but, taken together, they critically address many of the ways that scales and modes of interaction are considered in archaeological discourse. Ultimately, the intention is to foreground material culture analysis in the development of the arguments presented within this volume, informed, but not driven, by theoretical positions"--From publisher's website.

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