Hypogea 2017 : Proceedings of International Congress of Speleology in Artificial Caves, Cappadocia, Turkey 6/10 March 2017 /

Hypogea 2017 : Proceedings of International Congress of Speleology in Artificial Caves, Cappadocia, Turkey 6/10 March 2017 / Hypogea 2017 : Proceedings of International Congress of Speleology in Artificial Caves Cappadocia Hypogea : Proceedings of International Congress of Speleology in Artificial Caves 2017 Cappadocia Hypogea 2017 Proceedings of International Congress of Speleology in Artificial Caves Capadocia Hypogea : Proceedings of Internatiol Congress of Speleology in Artificial Cavities 2017 International Congress of Speleology in Artificial Cavities Proceedings of International Congress of Speleology in Artificial Cavities editors Mario Parise, Carla Galeazzi, Roberto Bixio, Ali Yamac ; graphic design Ali Yamac, Cagan Cankirili ; photos Front cover: Ali Ethem Keskin, Back Cover: Cagan Cankirili. - 553 pages, 1 unnumbered page : illustrations, maps ; 30 cm.

"The second of the HYPOGEA congresses that brought together experts of the world's leading underground structures was held in Ürgüp (Turkey) between 6-10 March. In the congress held in Rome in 2015, it was proposed and unanimously accepted by the OBRUK Cave Research Group that the second one should be in Cappadocia two years later. Several scientists from 9 different countries attended the HYPOGEA 2017 Congress, which was supported by dozens of foreign and domestic organizations from the International Caving Federation to the Paris University, Istanbul Technical University to ÇEKÜL. During the presentations, new researches and discoveries in various countries, from Israel to Georgia, Italy and Turkey, were introduced, research methods of the structures and preservation projects were discussed. In long dinners and cocktails, common projects were discussed. During the Congress were planned visits to many underground structures in the region. All participants, visiting the non-touristic structures such as Uçhisar Water Tunnel, Erdemli Valley, Filiktepe and Gökçetoprak underground cities, were fascinated."--https://artificialcavities.wordpress.com/meetings/hypogea2017/ (viewed October 24, 2018). "The first International Congress of Speleology in Artificial Cavities; HYPOGEA2015 was successfully held in Rome / Italy during March 11-15, 2015."--http://hypogea-web.blogspot.com/2015/09/hypogea2017-second-international.html (viewed October 24, 2019) "The main goal of HYPOGEA 2017 Congress is to continue the exchange of experiences acquired at the international level in the field of artificial cavities which had begun by HYPOGEA 2015. The sessions of HYPOGEA 2017 will have a strong emphasis on archaeology, archaeometry, promotion of the underground historical and cultural heritage, its safeguard and exploitation, with some plenary lectures and invited speeches on those subjects."--http://hypogea-web.blogspot.com/2015/09/hypogea2017-second-international.html (viewed October 24, 2019) International congress held March 6-10, 2017 at Han Ciragan, Ürgüp, Nevşehir, Turkey.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

ARCHAEOLOGY, ARCHITECTURE, ART HISTORY. Signs on the rock. Red paintings in the valleys of Göreme and Kılıçlar (Turkey) / Hypogea with niches of southern Apulia. Examples of rural economy in medieval cave settlements of Salento / Model and experience. Measuring deformations of rupestrian architectures in the area of Goreme / Rock Cut Façades from Byzantine Cappadocia / Graffiti of boats from the Hellenistic and Early Roman period in underground chambers in the Judean Foothills, Israel / If techniques help to date a monument ... three case studies / A link between "ancient words" and the "underground world": Cappadocian landscape, rock-cut structures and textual evidence from Hittite documentation / Image-based modeling techniques for visualization and analyses of cave dwellings / Hiding complexes in the Galilee, Israel : artificial refuge caves in the Early Roman period / GEOLOGY, GEOMORPHOLOGY, ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS. Paleontological and physico-chemical methods for identification of limestone as a construction stone / Historical research geological-structural stability problems in artificial cavities of Marche / The consequence of erosion caused by watercourses on the conservation of cavities hollowed in the soft sedimentary stratus in Cappadocia / Cave settlements in volcanic areas of the Armenian Republic / A project to promote the importance of the natural and cultural heritage of the underground environment in southern Italy / Engineering-geological studies on artificial cavities, aimed at evaluating the possibility of failures in underground settings / Carbonate deposits in artificial galleries : chronology and past-environmental reconstruction. Case studies of Versailles Palace and Northern Paris underground aqueducts (France) / HYDRAULIC UNDERGROUND WORKS -- Rock-cut hydraulics in Cappadocia : the tunnel-cisterns of Göreme / The culverted streams in the historical amphitheatre of Genoa city (Italy) : flood risk or geoheritage protection? / Challenges and conflicts in preserving traditional underground water channels (qanāt/kārīz) / Background history on the presence of an underground snow-house in Potenza Picena (Marche, Italy) / A study of an underground medieval water distribution network and other structures in a Spanish town / Hellenistic-Roman underground water systems : the case of Ma'aabarta-Flavia Neapolis, southern Levant / Artificial outlets : analysis of the drainage-related functions during planning. Integrated systems? / Underground areas of the Villa Farnese in Caprarola (Viterbo, Italy) / Preliminary report on the rock-cut and underground cisterns of medieval and post-medieval Messinia / Underground hydraulic works related to artificial crop areas in Cappadocia / Tank of the Roman Villa in Tor Vergata (Rome-Italy) / Dating and understanding the underground water structure in Gaziantep based on şeriye records and charter of wakfs / Underground hydraulic structures of Gaziantep (Southeast Turkey) : livas and qastels / HYPOGEAN CIVILIAN DWELLINGS. The rock-cut settlements and the courtyard complex of Şahinefendi (Nevşehir, Turkey) / The rock-cut sites in the basin of Şahinefendi (Ürgüp-Cappadocia) / Rock shelters of the upper Turia Valley (Spain). A testimony of a lost society / The rock-cut settlement of Karlık (Central Turkey) speleological investigations / Rock cut dwellings in Syunik, Armenia / Maria Andaloro, Giulia Bordi, Chiara Bordino, Paola Pogliani, Valeria Valentini -- Stefano Calò, Elettra Santucci -- Marco Carpiceci, Fabio Colonnese, Carlo Inglese, Andrea Angelini -- Veronica Kalas -- Eitan Klein, Boaz Zissu -- Anaïs Lamesa -- Clelia Mora, Maria Elena Balza, Roberto Bixio, Andrea de Pascale -- Beniamino Polimeni -- Yinon Shivtiel -- Dmitry Albov, T. N. Isakova, E. G. Yanovskaia -- Marco Campagnoli -- Pierre Couprie -- Smbat Davtyan -- Vincenzo Lapenna, Gianni Leucci, Mario Parise, Heleni Porfyriou, Laura Genovese, Roberta Varriale -- Mario Parise -- Edwige Pons-Branchu, Matthieu Roy-Barman, Emmanuel Dumont, Gérard Duserre, Jean-Luc Largier, André Guillerme, Mathieu Fernandez, Gilles Bultez, Daniella Malnar, Lorna Foliot, François Thil, Arnaud Dapoigny, Eric Douville, Philippe Branchu, Gaelle Petillon, Louise Bordier -- Andrea Bixio, Roberto Bixio, Andrea de Pascale, Alessandro Maifredi, Mauro Traverso -- Roberto Bixio, Francesco Faccini, Alessandro Maifredi, Luigi Perasso, Stefano Saj, Mauro Traverso -- Constantin Canavas -- Luca Carestia -- Andrés Carrión, Antonio Fornes, Alberto Sisternas, Vicente Benedito, José Romero -- Amos Frumkin -- Carlo Germani, Carla Galeazzi, Sandro Galeazzi -- Carlo Germani, Mario Mazzoli, Sandro Galeazzi, Marco Vitelli -- Sophia Germanidou -- Eric Gilli -- Davide Ivan Pellandra, Mario Mazzoli -- Meltem Uçar -- Ali Yamaç, Zafer Okuducu -- Michele Benucci, Marco Carpiceci, Fabio Colonnese, Carlo Inglese, Giuseppe Romagnoli -- Andrea Bixio, Roberto Bixio, Andrea de Pascale -- Andrés Carrión-García, Antonio Fornes, Alberto Sisternas, Vicente Benedito, Andrés Carrión-Baz -- Carla Galeazzi, Carlo Germani -- Cave settlements in Peristrema (Ihlara) Valley, Turkey / Mikhail Leontev, Ekaterina Ianovskaia -- Samvel Shahinyan, Smbat Davtyan, Taron Aleksanyan, Vruyr Yenokyan, Areg Asrabyan, Davit Nahapetyan, Anush Khdoyan -- Cave dwellings of Euphrates River (Southeast Turkey) / Kırkmerdiven underground site at Doganli village, Kayseri (Southeast Turkey) / Underground settlements and cave dwellings of Agirnas village, Kayseri (Southeast Turkey) / MILITARY AND WAR WORKS (DEFENSIVE). The concentric refuge of Kılıçlar Kilisesi complex (Göreme-Cappadocia) / Common traits of artificial caves and rock-cut constructions in Ancient Armenia / Underground Herodium : Guerrilla Warfare during the Bar Kokhba War (132-136 CE) under Herod's Royal Palace Fortress / MINING WORKS. The rediscovery of the Formignano Sulphur mine (Forlì-Cesena, Italy) / The redevelopment of abandoned underground mines to mining museum and hypogeum walkway : a case from Gambatesa Mine, Aveto Natural Park (Italy) / Holodna Balka Quarry Research (Ukraine) / The Latomie of Ragusa (Sicily southern Italy) : a study case of artificial cavities in the underground of the city / Underground Quarries of Gaziantep (Southeast Turkey) / RELIGIOUS-CULT STRUCTURES. The use of natural caves in the Christian religious practice in the Karoulia (Mount Athos, Greece) / Typological and chronological problems of David-Gareji (Georgia) Cave Churches against the background of Cappadocian rock-cut monuments / Survey on a monastic complex in the area of Göreme (Nevşehir, Turkey) / Catacombs of Kerch (Ukraine) / Exploration and researches in the Holy Cave of Altura (Castellón, Spain) / The expeditious survey of Tokalı kilise in Soğanlı valley (Turkey) / Negotiating above and underground sacredness in the nineteenth-century Cappadocia : the use of underground cities / People behind places. The role and value of the hermitages of San Michele in the settlement of Colli Albani (Latium, Italy) during the Middle Ages / From columbaria to dovecotes : two thousand years of use of cave dwellings in Ağırnas (Kayseri, Turkey) / Gülşehir-Karşı Kilise (a 13th century church in Cappadocia, Central Turkey) / Artificial caves in chalk outcrops in the Don basin / Cave temples in the Don region, Russia and Ukraine / Hypogean structures under the jurisdiction of the monastery of St. Silvestro in Capite between 10 and 13th century, in the Viterbo area, central Italy / Caves in Italo-Greek Medieval monasticism. New explorations and cultural function / TYPOLOGIES, SYMBOLS, TERMS AND CADASTRE OF ARTIFICIAL CAVITIES. Painting on rock settlements in Cappadocia. A database and a virtual museum for the enhancement of the area / From Karalis to Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy). A three thousand years journey inside the artificial cavities of the city / Rock-cut roads in the Middle Ages : reuse, new elements and "service" roads / Principles of spelestological zoning / 20 centuries of excavations in Laon (France) / The anthropogenic caves in Finalese (northern Italy) during historical age / Southern Italy underground space : from the history to the future / Ali Yamaç -- Ali Yamaç -- Ali Yamaç -- Andrea Bixio, Roberto Bixio, Andrea de Pascale, Mauro Traverso -- Arsen Bobokhyan, Smbat Davtyan -- Roi Porat, Ya'akov Kalman, Rachel Chachy, Boaz Zissu -- Giovanni Belvederi, Massimo Ercolani, Maria Luisa Garberi, Sabrina Gonnella, Fabio Peruzzi, Giovanni Rossi, Baldo Sansavini -- A. Benedettini, R. Cabella, C. Chiappino, P. Cresta, F. Faccini, A. Robbiano, M. Stuppini -- Igor O. Grek, M. N. Shirokov -- Rosario Ruggieri -- Ali Yamaç -- Ilya Agapov -- Nodar Bakhtadze -- Michele Benucci, Carmela Crescenzi, Claudio Giustiniani, Giuseppe Romagnoli -- D. D. Bystritskaya, Igor. O. Grek -- Andrés Carrión, Antonio Fornes, Alberto Sisternas, Vicente Benedito, José Fernandez, Virginia Barciela -- Carmela Crescenzi, Virginia Firenzuoli, Chiara Salvadori, Elena Vannacci -- Ayde Aylin de Tapia -- Nicoletta Giannini -- Eric Gilli -- F. Sema Gökcan -- Alexey Gunko, Sofia Kondratyeva, Vitaliy Stepkin -- Alexey Gunko, Vitaliy Stepkin, Sofia Kondratyeva -- Giancarlo Pastura -- Francesca Zagari -- Maria Andaloro, Valeria Valentini, Paola Pogliani -- Cristiana Cilla, Marco Contu, Jessica Fadda, Riccardo Mascia, Marco Mattana, Lucio Mereu, Lucia Mura, Roberto Sanna, Alice Scanu -- Elisabetta de Minicis -- Yuri Dolotov -- Denis Montagne -- Simona Mordeglia -- Roberta Varriale.

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