The treaties of Carlowitz (1699) : antecedents, course and consequences /

The treaties of Carlowitz (1699) : antecedents, course and consequences / edited by Colin Heywood, Ivan Parvev. - xv, 304 pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm. - The Ottoman Empire and its heritage: politics, society and economy, volume 69 1380-6076 ; .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

"The Treaties of Carlowitz (1699) includes recent studies on the Lega Sacra War of 1683-1699 against the Ottoman Empire, the Peace treaties of Carlowitz (1699), and on the general impact of the conflict upon Modern Europe and the Balkans. With its contributions written by well-known international specialists in the field, the volume demonstrates that sometimes important conflicts tend to be forgotten with time, overshadowed by more spectacular wars, peace congresses or diplomatic alliances. The "Long War" of 1683-1699 is a case in point. By re-thinking and re-writing the history of the conflict and the subsequent peacemaking between a Christian alliance and the Ottoman state at the end of the 17th century, new perspectives, stretching into the present era, for the history of Europe, the Balkans and the Near East are brought into discussion. Contributors are: Tatjana Bazarova, Maurits van den Boogert, John Paul Ghobrial, Abdullah Göllüoglu, Zoltan Györe, Colin Heywood, Lothar Höbelt, Erica Ianiro, Charles Ingrao, Dzheni Ivanova, Kirill Kochegarov, Dariusz Kołodziejzcyk, Hans Georg Majer, Ivan Parvev, Arno Strohmeier"--



Holy League against the Turks, 1684.

Sremski Karlovci, Peace of, 1699.

Austro-Turkish War, 1683-1699--Peace.
Austro-Turkish War, 1683-1699--Influence
Turco-Polish Wars, 1683-1699.
Eastern question (Balkan)

Hungary--History--Turkish occupation, 1526-1699.
Turkey--History, Military--17th century.
Venice (Italy)--History--Turkish Wars, 17th century.
Turkey--Foreign relations.

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